the backstory

Through an in-depth study, from the ancient Greeks to the recent post-modernists philosophies, several consistent elements from the most positive and pro-social messages have emerged to inspire the 4Keys to ethical decision making: Fair, Honest, Positive & Creative, :FHPC.

In 2007, the social innovation hub of a global sports-lifestyle brand, sought to develop an ethical framework to support beliefs already held, but undefined by the company. After nearly a year, a think-tank of 11 people, including a CEO, strategic planner, environmentalist, museum director, art curator, science philosopher and writer, developed and incubated Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative, :FHPC.

Within the company :FHPC has been the soil out of which many new sustainable and innovative ideas and programs have successfully grown, and :FHPC continues to flourish today.

:FHPC was designed to be universal and shared, to help us move away from the old paradigm of compete and consume, and move toward the new paradigm of cooperate and conserve to accelerate the movement towards a better people and planet.